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Eye treatments

From shape enhancements to colour changes our technician will create for you bespoke enhancements designed with you for you, our face is the first thing we all see, let our technician make yours the way you want the world to see it.

Eyebrow shape£9
Eyebrow tint£8
Eyebrow shape & tint£13
Eylash tint£14
Eyebrow & lash tint£19
Eyebrow tint & shape, lash tint£25

Waxing (HOT/STRIP)

Our wax treatment technicians take care to protect the health and elasticity of your skin. Our waxing service is comfortable and result-oriented.

Brazilian / Hollywood (HOT)£26
Bikini / Extend bikini (HOT)£12 / £16
1/2 leg / full leg£18 / £23
1/2 arms / full arms£14 / £18
Upper lip or chin£6
Lip & chin£10
Full back£20
Full chest£20
Lower back or abdomen£12
Nostril / Ear wax£8

Manicure & pedicure

Ganna 4 Beauty is renowned for quality. Our technician has a wealth of experience gained over many years with many satisfied clients. Our aim is to create a treatment tailored to you. From a standard deep clean and polish through to a bespoke handmade design of your choice.
You and your nails work hard. Relax, unwind and leave our establishment refreshed and ready for the day.

File & Nail polish£12
Manicure & Nail varnish£20
Cut & File nails£11
Male manicure£15
Gel manicure (Shellac)£25
Gel express manicure£20
Hard gel nails£30
Extended gel nails£40
Hard gel refill£30
Gel removal£6
Nail art per nail£3-£10


Ganna 4 Beauty understands the pressure your feet endure every minute of every day. Relax and soothe away the aches and pains with one of pedicure treatments. Remove that niggly pain smooth away the miles, let time standstill while our technicians pamper your ten hardworking friends.

File & Nail polish£12
Manicure & Nail varnish£20
Cut & File nails£11


Face Massage




Lifting Massage* (anti-aging massage)

Massage strokes exfoliate and ‘iron out’ lines and wrinkles, improve circulation, release restrictions in the connective tissues (collagen and elastin) and lift the facial muscles. Face Lifting massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, energized and with a more positive mental attitude.

40 - 60 £35 - £40

Lymphatic Drainage massage*

A soothing and relaxing massage using gentle but effective brushing motions to reduce swelling in the eye and neck area, as well as the rest of the face. Benefits of the massage range from detoxification, anti-ageing effects, better blood circulation, which leads to regeneration of burned, injured or wrinkled tissue.

40 - 60 £30 - £35

Classic massage*

Raises temperature of the skin, the cells are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Classic massage improves skin regeneration, increases muscle tone and improves skin blood flow, as result of which face becomes brighter. Treatment soothes and relaxes.

40 - 60 £25 - £30

*add a facial for a full treatment - adds 30 – 60 minutes & £15 - £25 respectively.





Hydro Therapy

Institute treatment restoring and enhancing water balance of the skin. It is recommended for normal and dry skins.

30 - 40 £20

Repair Therapy

Institute treatment for restoring skin structure. A specialized “synergy” of cell-regenerating ingredients. It is recommended for the treatment of premature ageing, photoaging and acne marks.

30 - 40 £20

Lip Hydro Therapy

Moisturizing beauty salon treatment, specifically for the delicate lip area. It offers instant hydration and prevents wrinkles around the lips.

30 - 40 £20

Eye Therapy

Beauty salon treatment against puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the delicate eye area.

30 - 40 £20

Lifting Therapy

Powerful alternative lifting beauty salon treatment based on proteins. It tones the skin and restores firmness.

30 - 40 £30

Everyday Therapy

Beauty salon treatment with moisturizing and calming elements for all skin types (no mask included).

20 - 30 £15

Sugaring Face Hair Removal

Sugaring Hair removal improves circulation, exfoliates and hydrates – leaving our skin beautifully silky and glowing. Sugaring is a long-lasting and natural alternative to all other hair removal processes, furthermore it is a much gentler process than waxing.



Lip and Chin

20 - 30 £20 - £25

Lip or Chin

15 - 20 £15


20 - 30 £15 - £20